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Nitro Coffee Dispenser


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Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in






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No more paying for high-priced coffee shop nitro brews when you can enjoy smooth, flavorful nitro cold brew coffee on tap at home with the Presto Nitro Coffee Dispenser! Nitrogen-infused cold brew adds smooth texture, delicate flavor, and rich, creamy head. This deluxe dispensing system includes a two-liter stainless steel mini-keg and an exclusive rotating spout for drip-free refrigerator storage. Just fill the keg with up to 48 ounces of cold brew coffee and charge using either nitrous oxide or pure nitrogen cartridges (cartridges sold separately). The dispenser works with nitrous oxide whipped cream cartridges, available online and at select retailers. The keg fits in most refrigerators and features a gentle-touch push-down tap, rather than a tall handle, for dispensing sweet and frothy nitro coffee on demand. Keg, tap head, spout, cartridge holder and more are fully immersible. Also includes a keg storage cap, collapsible funnel, and nylon cleaning brushes.